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To all our supporters,

Upcycle Foundation NPC (non profit company) has now been formalized and I would like to introduce you to Winnie, Bongi and May. What makes this so exciting is that Bongi and May have been on the Upcycle journey from 2016. First they were students, then they became entrepreneurs and Upcycle trainers and now they want to share what they have done with Winnie and have become the founding board of directors for the Upcycle Foundation.NPC (ck:2020/547971/08)

It is a no-brainer that we will be looking for support on all levels from money to time.

Our immediate need is time from anyone that can help, in their professional capacity, to put additional polish on what we have started with, namely:-

Brand, look and feel 

Content & Copyright

To chat and discuss any of this I would love to hear from you.My email address is or whatsapp 082 855 2236

We would love your help and assistance and look forward to working with you.Mark Fruhauf082 855 2236

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