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Over the past year, the Upcycle Foundation has promoted and supported various projects. The covering books, diaries and folios project has stood out from the rest. This project has shown the potential to become a sustainable startup.

fabric covered books

Aziza, her team and the Foundation have been looking at different ways to de-brand and upcycle all the notebooks, diaries and even office folios they have received. Combining the skills they have learnt along with the knowledge and experience of the foundation team members, we have found a winning formula that has resulted in this popular range in our online store

The “raw” stock has come from many sources and donations by EOH and Barron. As with all items donated, we have removed and de-brand each item as part of our pledge to protect corporate logos and trademarks. 

This project is now starting to grow, and we are looking for a lot more source materials to help Aziza and her community project take it to a new level and become a self-sustainable startup.

If you or your company would like to donate any books, diaries, folios or even fabric offcuts, contact the Foundation on 0828552236 or to discuss how you can get involved.

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