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Thank you to EHO for their kind donation banner materials, flags, lanyards and books. We received about 300kg of branded waste. It is fantastic to see companies thinking of better ways to get rid of their unwanted branded items and corporate gifts other than destruction or fluffing and then sending them to the local landfill site.

The donated items will be incorporated into our training program to teach learners how to process branded fabrics. We will also show them how to destroy the branding to prevent it been abused or ending up in the marketplace. In this particular case, the logo’s on the EHO items is their old logo that they do not want to be used.

Covering books in the fabric is a fast and effective way to process an item that can not be used as-is and Upcycle it into a much higher value item. These books will then be for sale in our  Zero Waste store to generate income for the communities that help us with re-branding and ongoing training.

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