Shop assistant to craftsmen

youth learning to make a mosaic

There is nothing more rewarding than watching learners soak up new skills, especially skills they never thought they would ever gain.

Ayanda and Zane have been on a commercial learnership over the last nine months. They joined us for a short three months to gain work readiness experience as part of that program. When asked if they have ever thought of trying to mosaic, they admitted to never in their lives thinking of ever doing to been able to learn to complete a basic mosaic.

As part of a community involvement project, the Upcycle Foundation, helps a local organisation decorate bat habitats. These houses are made from wood and decorated by our leaners with unwanted kitchen and floor tiles been donated to the foundation.

From retail shop assistants to craftsmen, that is the range of experience we offer to learners that join us. Wilma Smit from Uconomy has been working tirelessly with our team to place youth with us and expose them to the unique environment of Upcycle

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